Saturday, July 07, 2007

Bok Choy-White Cabbage

Cultivated in China , we often use this plant in many of our soups and in stir-fries. Bok choy is also classified as a cabbage, but has very little resemblence to the round cabbages found in Western supermarkets. While in China, I will be doing some Chinese cooking, hopefully discovering numerous cooking methods other than how I have traditionally cooked bok choy, mainly boiling and steaming. Seems I have a history of over cooking bok choy and it comes out looking more like wilted lettuce. So, my friends, I am off on another adventure......will be back mid August. Happy Cooking!

Before departing, T.W. Barritt of Culinary Types, tagged me~ T. W. is a remarkable and talented culinary artist and has attended just about every Culinary Institution I am familiar with and more-he hits the road as much as I do !

1. I prefer to talk about "you" than myself~

2. I prefer to keep things simple, details and presentation are very important to me~

3. Sometimes I wonder," how in the world" do all the food bloggers find the time to cook the most incredible recipes, load their prize winning photos, post and read what others have to say~ I spend hours sitting on my butt-I am certain that is why it is growing bigger!

4. I have been traveling since I was thirteen years old. My grandmother took me to Paris and that was the start of my love for this city. One of the things I remember doing on that trip was going to the Boulangerie, buying my baguettes and pretending to be a little French girl. I still think I am, but I'm not. Darn....

5. Who is the oldest blogger, I hope it's not me~

6. I read cookbooks like novels~

7. My husband of 33 years is the best thing that ever happened to me~then my kids!
When I return, I will need to tag some of you, it's only fair! Cheers!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

July 4th Tradition

Wishing you and yours, a safe and delicious 4th.....................