Monday, February 11, 2008

A Salute to our Farm Market Friends~

      One can only hope that each country in the world will continue to work hard to save its farms, not only for economic reasons, but for our own well- being and health. During these chilly and often brutal winter months, I miss the experience of traveling to the markets and getting swept away by all the fragrant produce. It is such a joy to return home to the kitchen and whip up  something  delicious  with my finds of the day!
     Our farmers markets play a vital role in our society. My wish is that everyone who reads this post will continue to support and buy from farmers whenever they can-just look at what we would be missing....... the photos are from the Adelaide Central Market, AU, which hosts over 250 shops to its citizens. Look at the pride and hard work involved which produced  such fabulous foods  that are beautifully delivered to their dinner tables! Thank you, dear farmer friends!