Saturday, November 13, 2010

Welcoming signs of Fall

I am crazy about pumpkins, any size or shape. And, if I can bake it or make soup, I am a happy camper! As a matter of fact, I found a few wartie looking pumpkins on a visit to Pennsylvania and had them shipped back to Florida. Of all things we don't grow here, it's pumpkins! It is great fun to decorate or experiment and tuck the little boos all around the house, even among the dishes in the kitchen hutch. This year I experimented with tiny little beads that Martha Stewart sells, available at JoAnne's Fabric Stores. I brushed glue on the top of the gourd and then just sprinkled the beads all around. Did all the work in a flat box so I could gather and save the unused beads that didn't stick to the glue.

Friday, November 12, 2010

"Honey, we need more honey!"

Not too far from my home is a gal that sits in her car and sells honey. Actually, she has a table set up along the side of the road loaded with quarts of local honey. My husband was the first to notice her and purchased one of the smaller containers she was selling. I detected a hint of citrus~perfect for this little dessert!

wholewheat pecan bread, cut into small bite size pieces, actually three bites works well!
fresh Pecorino cheese, room temperature, sliced and served on top of bread.
one orange, sliced.
a piece of a honeycomb, if available to put on the top~talk about freshness!
freshly grated nutmeg.
honey, 2-3 tablespoons drizzled on top and on orange slice.

That's about it.Take the bread between your fingers, trying not to let ingredients slide off and wait for your taste buds to cry!