Tuesday, August 07, 2012

My new favorite tomato~Cherokee Purple

Cherokee purple is the name of a cultivar of tomato, unusual for the deep purple/red hue of its fruit. It was one of the first of the "black" color group of tomatoes. It is also unusual in being extremely popular for the sake of its flavor, instead of only its unusual color. Cherokee Purple tomatoes are beefsteak in style, with "green shoulders" across the top. They are also notable for having a dense, juicy texture, with small seed locules irregularly scattered throughout the flesh. The comparatively dark interior color is enhanced by the tendency of the seeds to be surrounded by green gel. (Information found on the internet.)
The Saturday Farmers Market in Friday Harbor,WA, had folks standing in line for these tomatoes!

The Cherokee Purple Tomato

Just a little comparison so you can see that delicious color!