Wednesday, March 27, 2013

La Cuisine Paris

My sister and I had a very quick trip to Paris recently and managed to squeeze in a class making souffles. In this photo, I am getting the Souffle aux Epinards  ready for the oven. There were 10 American students attending. The class lasted just under three hours and we were also served lunch during this time. Our lunch included both souffles that we prepared and also a very delicate fresh Salade folle et Vinaigrette. Oh, and plenty of wine and fresh bread!

Just finished preparing the Bechamel Sauce for the spinach souffle.

Here you can see the spinach puree. It was heated in butter and sauteed until it just wilted then processed into a smooth puree.

Nothing more beautiful and perfect than an egg ~

Souffle aux Epinards directly from the oven.

Souffle au Grand Marnier, steaming hot!

The location of the school is directly along the river on Quai de l'Hotel de ville.

Certainly worth the time if you have a few extra hours on your next visit to Paris.