Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pain D'Avignon (Boulangerie-Cafe)

The next time you visit Hyannis, MA, or if it is on the list of places to visit in the future, you may want to drop in for a cup of coffee or purchase one the various gourmet items for retail.
Pain D'Avignon Bakery is located near the airport in convenient. In fact, you actually pass by the cafe as you leave the airport property.

Inside the 15,000 sq.foot facility they bake their own Artisan breads, croissants, pies and pastries for many of New England's hotels and speciality shops, including Whole Foods and The Market at Pine Hills.

Also, the cafe is rented out for private parties or business events~one more note, they will FedEX any of the breads anywhere! Should I mention the Cranberry Pecan Rustic, Kalamata Olive, Raisin Pecan,Whole Wheat or French?

Location: 15 Hinkley Road, Hyannis, MA ~508.778.8588

Friday, June 26, 2009

Gurgling Away the Summer

I just had to show everyone this darling little pot~I have used them for tea, milk, lemonade,water and sangria......just about any liquid you can pour. When you fill the pot half way, air gets trapped in the handle and it actually gurgles when you start pouring. Comes in oddles of luscious colors. A great conversation piece and ice-breaker! Email me if you want to know where to get one.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How About A Date!

We grill many times during the week. I love cooking anything I possibly can outdoors -something about that taste the oven just can't top! This salad is perfect for steak or beef, burgers included. I love the range of colors as well as the texture and represents summertime and a summery lightness all on one plate!

The highlight for me in this salad is the date....I don't use them too often in salads and why, I don't know. I enjoy eating dates right out of the package or stuffed with cream cheese, topped with a small sliver of ginger. The dressing I made , which I did not photograph, is very simple yet packed to the gills with intense flavors. I know there are numerous other dressings that work well with this simple salad. The dressing you might use will depend on the meat or fish you are cooking. I made my dressing with orange juice, white wine vinegar and walnut oil.

I just cut several wedges from the bibb lettuce and scattered them on a platter. Also, I sliced blue cheese into pieces and arranged the cheese on the wedges. Cut up a few dates, grab some walnuts and there you have it~ a robust salad that will compliment your barbecue and delight your taste buds!