Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Scenes from our last tour in Tuscan Territory!

We visit

We drink

We explore

We pick

We shop

We taste more

We walk

We watch

We marvel at color

We learn

We share

We drive on white roads

We smell

We visit

We believe traveling is more than just getting on and off tour buses, being lead around by following flags in crowded cities~we strive to experience the real sights, hear the local sounds and savor what comes from the rich landscape. We partner with local citizens, born and raised in Tuscany, who engage all our senses at once that make our trips so memorable. 

We photograph

We lend a hand

We visit locals

We step down into the cellars~the experiences we share, live on....

Monday, February 04, 2013

A great find on my bike ride!

What is all of this~why didn't I drive my car today?

Hummm~I know I can get the sprouts and cauliflower in my saddle bags or can I?

Turnips on the top!

The bag lady~now what do I do with this stuff!

The front seat of the truck was completely filled with mustard greens.

This is why I always travel with empty saddle bags!