Saturday, November 12, 2011

Grains de Verre on gourds

Tonight I needed to place a little something extra on the table for my guests. I made these last year and thought I would just make a few again this season to decorate the table with. This picture does not have as many beads glued on~I liked the way it turned out. I let my guests take these home with them as a small gift of friendship!

Here it is again, but with different lighting. You can add so many designs!

This photo, I went heavier with the beads.

Here are my supplies~not much required. I used the brush that comes in the glue container and gently covered the area where I wanted the beads to remain. It takes a few hours to dry, so allow plenty of time. Best to do the day before. The materials were purchased from JoAnne's Fabric Stores.


Cuisine de Provence said...


Simona said...

Nice idea!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a lovely gift. Who wouldn't want to take one home Jann.

CarolynT said...

Those are SO adorable. I want to make some. Doesn't look all that hard, either! Thanks for the idea Jann.