Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Swiss goats but, Italian made cheeses!

Whenever Robin and I lead a group in Italy, the two of us usually find a small apartment to live in where we can prepare our own meals. It really helps us cut down on the costs. First things first, where can we locate some fresh cheese? Always on the lookout for whatever is local  and in season, here are a few of our finds. These goats are from Switzerland, just over the hill! They must be walked at least four miles everyday to produce the best milk.  We ran into a chef from London who was working with the goats. His mission was to observe and study first hand what it takes  to produce such amazing cheeses! He is enjoying the walks!


Cuisine de Provence said...

These cheeses look delicious!

Penny said...

The cheeses! The goats! The views! I enjoyed the peek into your travels.

Md Rajon said...
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