Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pike Place Market- Seattle, Washington

Pike Place Market ......A Food Lovers Dream
A feast of Scallops and Scampi.

What will I choose?

Fresh Salmon ready to take.

Grilled or Baked

Wonderful selections of vegetables,

But no Spinach yet.......I miss the Spinach!


Mimi said...

What colorful photos! During the spinach scare, I saw spinach recipes everywhere I turned. Now there's something about green leaf lettuce and of course, I just bought a bag.

peabody said...

Choose the scallops!

rowena said...

Seafood is my utmost weakness, with chocolate a close second. I have a sis who lives in Seattle, that lucky girl!

RYC: I am just glad that something as simple as a chestnut roast is (still) part of italian tradition. We might nix cheese this weekend in lieu of stewed black-eyed peas and pig's skin at the end of the month! I hear that a lot of italian mammas and grandmammas will be cooking for atleast 600!

thepassionatecook said...

your market looks really inviting! never mind that there's no spinach... just look at thise beautiful chanterelles - it's always the cleaning that puts me off, but these seem perfect!

Katie said...

What a wonderful market - and great pic's

sher said...

Oh!! All of that was so beautiful! Those are images to dream about--especially the seafood. Sigh--I almost moved to Seattle years ago.