Saturday, November 11, 2006

Osteria del Trivia

Few smells are as evocotive as fresh garlic intermingled with local seasonings cooking in the spotless kitchen of the Osteria del Trivia. If you happen to be in the town of Spoleto, Italy, and have a hearty appetite for Umbrian fusion, this is the place to stop for dinner. The restaurant is located in a quaint and handsome neighborhood, off the main path in the historic hilltop area. There are wonderful plates of seasonal treats, truly authentic, from pastas galore to balsamic laced pork-chops, stuffed artichokes, bountiful bowls of bean and minestrone soups, signature lamb and finally an array of desserts. The restaurant is opened from 7:30 each evening except Tuesday. The entire family is working in the kitchen and on the floor extending their gracious hospitality to all. You will not be disappointed..........Via Del Trivio,16


Anonymous said...

You really can do this bread Jann.
Wonderful Italy here. I think I love all things Italian. Great site.

Christine said...

I'm putting this restaurant on my list of places to go in Europe!