Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sausage, Apple and Cheese Pie

This is what the pie looks like....enjoy!


maura said...

Oh my, this does sound tasty.

I like your style!

christine said...

Could you give a little more information about doing the lattice work on top? It looks like there is a strip of dough around the top edge that the cross pieces are attached to? Or tucked under?
And, is the bottom crust just on the bottom or does it come up the sides?
Sorry for asking so many questions, but I really want to make this! :)

Lydia said...

Jann, no way to email to you from your web site....but if you still want some olive oil, try this link:


They are extending the promotion for another 200 boxes! Follow the instructions on my blog (www.theperfectpantry.com).

Good luck!

Kristen said...

Oh wow... that looks gorgeous! Now, how does it taste? It looks too pretty to cut into!

ChrisLate said...

This looks terrific. (I tried a tart with Epoisse, apple and ham recently...it looked nowhere as appetizing...and the Epoisse was "fragrant," shall we say?

Brilynn said...

Wow, that's very nice! I'd love a piece.