Monday, February 05, 2007

A Bazaar Soup

Years ago, when my son was in grade school, every December the moms organized a Holiday Bazaar. Since it was always a heavy duty day of shopping, someone suggested that a lunch be served so shoppers could have more time to spend their money -good marketing plan here! Each parent was ask to make up a batch of this soup and send it along in a well rinsed 1/2 gallon milk carton or quart jar. Also, we were to include one cup of grated Parmesan cheese sealed in a plastic bag. When we pulled up in front of the school and unloaded the kids with the soup in hand, you would have thought the students were carrying a brand new baby-instantly the car doors flew open and the soup was snatched up by a group of moms cradling the soups and rushing them into the school kitchen. Some of the more attractive quart jars were sold and taken home for dinner. The rest were placed into huge pots and kept warm for the lunch crowd. Most of the parents were very diligent in following the recipe..........we all new what we were eating! So now, I share this recipe with you on this very chilly day here in Florida, hoping to warm your souls as well as your hearts!

Saute 3-5- minutes in a small amount of oil; 1 medium onion, chopped
3 unpeeled, sliced carrots-but I peeled mine!
3 medium sized unpeeled, cut-up potaotes

Add & saute for ten minutes or more; 1 pound sliced mushrooms
1/2 head of cabbage, sliced
2 medium sliced zucchini
3 tomatoes, cut in wedges

Add and cook until the vegetables are tender. 3-4- Tbls.butter
Salt and Pepper to taste
6 cans of Cambell's Beef Consomme'
2 soup cans of tomato juice-just use the beef can to measure

This is all there is to it-simple and very delicious-not many calories! Don't forget the cheese!


K & S said...

what a lovely story! and please put extra cheese on my soup, please!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Yours is a really a wonderful soup story. I enjoyed our sons school days and all the activity like this that came with those years.
You might check out Allanna's Veggie Venture site:
she's featureing soups on her site this month.
I just posted a minestrone soup and almost everybody seems to be needed a bowl of soup these days!

T.W. Barritt said...

I can just picture the scene at the school! Didn't we all have that experience participating in large events and meals at school or church! Soup sounds delicious, too!

Jann said...

This was one of the biggest events of the year at his school-almost as bad as Nordstroms yearly half off sales!This soup is wonderful if you happen to be dieting, which i am most of the time!

Mimi said...

Thank sounds good, Jann, it really does! Easy, too. I like that in a soup.

I love the story.