Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bananaleines from any Banana Bread Recipe!

My version of Madeleines~ a gift for one of my husbands friends who just had a knee operation.

I thought I did a rather fairly nice job decorating and packing these little scrumptious goodies into a basket,which by the way,was filled with beefsteak tomatoes when I received it from my dear friend, Leslie. My other dear friend, my husband, a Marine, was taking these to another Marine friend, the one that just had the knee operation, and just told me, "I can't deliver these like Little Red Riding Hood to another Marine.....what would he think as he saw me carrying this little darling basket into his house?? I looked at him directly and told him what I thought......."deliver the goods! Leave the basket in the car and have his wife get them".... "Yes, Mam".....we both had a good chuckle... found out later, wife was not at home!!!
I received a wonderful thank you from this great Marine. He did not comment about the foo-foo-ness of the basket, I did not expect any comments about that, but he certainly enjoyed his muffins!
I suppose its just a girl thing!

I baked these according to one of my favorite banana bread recipes. I am sure we all have a favorite! Just another way to bake it! 

Have a great weekend!


Lynn said...

I like your name bananaleines, and the cute story to go with it, beautiful photos..

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

What an adorable story and I love the idea of using bananas in madeleines. I bet the Marine didn't care what they were delivered in as long as they were tasty.

K and S said...

brilliant idea :)

Simona said...

I love the basket and would like to taste one of your bananaleines.