Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cannoli,quick style!

A quick dessert for this evening!

I had a package of the mini-chips......decided to cap them off with chocolate.

Adding a touch of fresh whipping cream and mint from the mint pot outside! Never stick mint in the ground....it takes off and keeps growing everywhere!

This is such a simple and delicious recipe! It is so light!

2 cups of ricotta cheese
3/4 C. of powdered sugar
1 t. of cinnamon
1/4 c. of whipping cream
1/4 c. of mini-chocolate chips
zest of 1 lemon, lightly scraped
1t. vanilla

Combine the cheese, sugar and cinnamon. Add the vanilla. Mix well, add vanilla and zest of lemon. Sprinkle in the chocolate chips. Gently combine.

In a separate bowl, beat the whipping cream until it hold soft peaks. It's not very much to beat, so it doesn't take long. Scrape and gently fold the whipping cream into cheese mixture. Pipe the cheese mixture into the tubes, which I purchased from the grocery store. Sprinkle additional chips on both ends of cannoli. Chill for three hours. I can only imagine how freshly made ones would have tasted. I will try that next time,when I have more time and have the molds!


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Outrageously simple and beautiful ... I think this should be on a table for company soon!

Penny said...

What a beautiful dessert. We are off on our motorcycle tour of France next week. Hopefully I will be able to post some pictures and narrative of our trip.

Emma Richardson @Professional Doctorate said...

I love cannoli it is the perfect dessert, in my opinion, because it is a pastry which has small enough portions to serve a family or an entire party. Thank you for including the recipe, it has room for tinkering but I am sure that the original is great as well. Molds are a very good idea.


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