Friday, July 03, 2009

Cheesecake Made With Ricotta

After my walk this morning , I sat down to cool off, glanced through Martha's book and this is what I found. I have been watching the calories lately and knew I was treading in dangerous territory. I have REALLY been missing my desserts and thought I might be safe with this cheesecake.

Unsalted butter, soft for greasing pan
3/4 C. sugar, more for greasing pan
6 lg.eggs, separated
1 1/2 lbs. fresh whole-milk ricotta cheese
1/4 C. flour
1/4 t. salt
zest of one orange

Oven 375 degrees
1 Butter and sugar 9" spring form pan.
In a large bowl, whisk the egg yolks, cheese, flour, zest, 6 T.of the sugar and salt until mixed. Set aside

2 Mix the egg whites until foamy. Add the remaining 6 T. of sugar and beat until the egg whites are glossy and thick.

3 Gently fold 1/3 of the egg white mixture into the ricotta mixture until combined. Gently fold the remaining egg whites and mix. Pour into prepared pan. Bake until golden brown, about one hour. One hour is all it took!

Transfer to a rack to cool, 10 minutes. Re-invert to another rack, cooling the top side of the cheesecake.

This cheesecake is best eaten the day it is made. I did keep what was left in the fridge and it was very tasty the next day for lunch.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Cheese cake, ricotta ... what dreams are made of.

Simona said...

Amazing: I am making some fresh cheese and thinking that I would like to use it in a cheesecake, I come here, and voila, a great suggestion. Blueberries are a perfect companion for it.

Christine said...

This is outstanding! Company coming on Thursday... I think I'll make this. ;)