Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Summer Bridal Shower ~Al Fresco

Glasses were ready to be filled for the celebration!

The colorful handmade table top.
The herb pots were given out as prizes which were donated by a dear friend.

I made a special bouquet with the  wedding colors.

The bride-to-be wanted cheesecake for dessert, so guess what I prepared!

I found the little bottle topper dress at Michael's and added the small purple flowers.

The bride-to-be had her special seat!
Many of my friends, including myself, all have grown children who are now at the ripe age of thirty and are beginning to"think" about marriage or they are planning to wed soon. This is frightening! (not really)
 One will be married at her home this July, outside of Seattle. Another follows in August.......a summer has never been as beautiful and filled with excitement! The extensive preparations have been made and come rain or shine, the weddings will go on.
 The photos above are from a bridal shower held at one of the bridesmaids home. The grounds of the home are the perfect setting for any celebration. The owners are devoted to their gardening and love sharing it with friends. When the weather turns, all entertaining goes outdoors to the wide lawn. The evergreens and ferns were in full bloom, the sun was low and the shadows were soft. The table, made by the owners, was placed outside to add that "al fresco"touch to the event!


SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

Thank you so much for your visit! I, too, have a daughter who just turned 30 and is 'thinking' about getting married. I'm certain she will want something casual and beautiful, just like this!

K and S said...

beautiful events! congratulations :)

Cuisine de Provence said...

If this is casual I would love to see what you consider formal :)....
Anyhow, it is absolutely beautiful!

Lara B Knight said...

What a beautiful party & I know you have created wonderful memories!

Jann said...

Savoring~This shower was so much fun to prepare for. I was amazed at all the talents and creative ideas that all the friends suggested! Several gals brought delicious salads,one had a bread speciality.....everyone came with a few bottles of liquid refreshment. We hit the local farmers market for fresh our eyes, it was a perfect event!

Jann said...

K&S Everyone involved did a superb job putting this shower on for our friends' was so much fun!

Jann said...

Cuisine~Thank you! I was not in charge of this shower,just added a few touches here and there. My friends are so talented.....and love doing things with nature!

Jann said...

Laura~I hope all of us involved created some special memories.I certainly look forward to making memories in the future with my own kids!

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a beautiful table setting. I love the idea of using fresh herb pots as decorations turned prizes. Your cheesecake is the crowning glory to a lovely party Jann. Congratulations to your daughter.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

A beautiful setting, both the table and the surroundings. I might have had to cheat in order to win the herb pot!

Love your photography... best wishes for this bride and her upcoming wedding.


Merisi said...

Gorgeous setting and beautiful table.
I love the idea of presenting the rose bouquet on a plate!

The cheese cake looks so delicious, just the kind I'd love to eat! Have you ever shared the recipe? I would love to have it, please.