Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's Magic!

There are not many seasons that stir my emotions as much as the Fall. This season is full of colorful changes that create a spirit of magic in the air. There are so many sweet memories .....the beautiful crimson leaves floating down on that favorite country lane. There are the visions of the pumpkin fields and the anticipation of what fun we will have picking out just the right one to carve for, "you know what!" Gathering all the foods to create the soups that warm our souls......all of this captures the spirit of Fall for me. This is a time when I meet up with my friends in Seattle. We light the fires in the evening for the first time and sit for hours remembering the joys of friendship we all found together and still share today. A very special wish to all of my blogger friends that you enjoy this same magic.........in this Fall Season!


Mimi said...

Oh the colors in that photo! What sensua delights!

Mimi said...

That should be sensual.


christine said...

Beautiful photo Jann. Your expression of fall is lovely. Enjoy the season!