Sunday, September 24, 2006

Manoir d' Hautegente

Located in Coly, France, is the Manoir d'Hautegente. If your travels lead you into the Dordogne region, here you will find a great stopping point for the evening or even a few days. This is an area where centuries of history have left their mark. You will be traveling down peaceful roads, past villages hundreds of years old, walnut groves and beautiful oak woods in the heart of this ancient land.
The Manoir d'Hautegente is owned by Edith and Patrick Hamlin. As we drove along the shady oak tree lined driveway, Edith greeted us at our car with a most gracious welcome and lead us outside into the garden area to sip a glass of Champagne or in my case, a Kir Royal, while our table was being prepared for dinner. It was a dinner that you will talk about for years to come........all fit for a queen!
More information can be found on the internet about the Manoir. It ceratinly is worth the visit . If you have further comments, send me an email and I will try to answer your questions. Those of us who love France will love everything about this magical place!


Ivonne said...

Thank you for the lovely review! I've never been to France but now I have another stop to add to my list when I do get there!

Katie said...

What a lovely spot! Nothing compares to dining on a terrace with water in one side and an ivy-covered manoir on the other!

Mimi said...

Such lovely photos — I can feel the breeze and smell the flowers and hear doves cooing. Traveling through the Dordogne on the train from Paris, I noticed how green it all was there. In my memory it is sun dappled and restful.

Baking and Books said...

This looks like such an idylic location. Makes me want to pack a rustic picnic basket and have a lazy afternoon lunch with a good book. :)

Baking and Books

Carolyn said...

What a beautiful house!