Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Betterave....beats me?

On a recent trip to "the farm", my good friend Vi offered us some of her mega-beets to carry back home. There have been times when my husband just refuses to be seen with me because of all the "extra luggage" I tote along, including foods." I can't possibly leave something like this behind." What was he thinking? Where else could one get that home-grown fresh taste? Anyway, she washed off a huge bag of beets and I carefully placed them in my suitcase. Off we went to Florida! I noticed a little memo from the TSA indicating that my suitcase had been inspected. I wonder why? Clearly very strange looking objects.....
Anyway, prepared beets can be added to make a "light"salad numerous ways. I cook the beets,naturally, and then add the sugar, water and vinegar and let them sit in the refrigerator, rather that canning them. We eat them way too fast for all the efforts of canning.Try cutting in round shapes or julienne; then add some mustard and finely minced herbs to your regular seasoning/dressing. I mix up Good Seasonings and just use the appropriate amount. Keep the rest for another time. Top with a dab of sour cream. When the beets are placed on a few bibb lettuce leafs, this is so colorful and inviting.


Mimi said...

I love beets! Love the earthy taste.

Your story reminds me of the entire carryon I brought home from France, filled with tomato sauce, jam, rice, mustard, aoili, etc. The olives are what really bothered the customs people in Detroit and my husband.

I discovered golden beets for the first time this year. Milder, as you would expect.

christine said...

I love to roast beets in the oven, slice them when cooled and put them in an arugula salad with herbed chevre. It's pretty wonderful!