Friday, September 08, 2006

Vines of Life

Last March I posted this picture on another blog sight and had considerable comments. This is one of my favorite shots from one of my favorite towns . I really did not have too much to write about on this particular day. It was one of those days when I was so enthralled in the reading of all my blog sights, I just felt overwhelmed. What could I say or do that might top some of what I just read? ( I learned quickly that I needed to stop that.) I am not a writer nor a professional photographer. There are few things in life I don't care for. So, I find myself open to many subjects to write about.
But this picture, truly, these are the vines of life for many people. These vines are a part of many of my friends in France. So many memories shared over a glass of wine. A very simple seed, turned into a full blown fruit and then, a full blown memory. It's Friday, my day is over and here's to you and yours! Cheers to all my blogger friends!


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Katie said...

And they look so healthy! Ours look so sick this year. We'll have to so something in November...just wish I knew what! The neighbors picked yestereday, which means that we will pick in 'quinze jours' - 2 weeks. That is what my neighbor said, and he has lived here for 93 years...he ought to know....Cheers!